Is Mechanical Engineering Hard? Revealing Facts

Is Mechanical Engineering Hard

Imagine, you see a piece of machinery, it may be a car or an electric appliance. You would surely be amazed by the complexity and precision of this machine. And what if you are the person who can not only design but also improve this technical wonder? Isn’t that interesting? Surely yes. This is the realm of mechanical engineering that deals with designing to manufacturing to optimizing machines.

Do you want to start the thrilling journey of endless innovations and possibilities with a mechanical engineering degree? But afraid of some myths you hear about mechanical engineering such as it is challenging. Read this blog to learn more about “Is mechanical engineering hard?

Is Mechanical Engineering Hard?

Is mechanical engineering difficult? This question arises in every student’s mind, from when he thinks for the first time about going to college to when he finally opts for his major. It is natural to think in that sense, but it is wrong to get stressed over it.

Mechanical engineering is a complex field of study based on the combination of core principles of physics and mathematics. This intricate study deals with the designing, constructing, and optimizing of machines. Furthermore, mechanical engineering encompasses numerous areas, such as kinematics, thermodynamics, mechanics, and material sciences, with its applications extending across various industries. Undoubtedly, mechanical engineering is an intimidating field, but you can succeed in this challenging engineering with the right amount of support and preparation. It would help if you always remembered that the rewards of being an engineer are much more than the challenges you face in your college life.

After getting the answer to whether mechanical engineering is complex, the next thought in your mind will be, “How hard is a mechanical engineering degree? Stick to this blog to learn whether mechanical engineering is the right choice for you.

How complex are the courses in mechanical engineering?

Courses in Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineering is a diverse engineering field as its curriculum includes tough science subjects with some other complex courses that challenge the ability to problem-solve. Generally, the mechanical engineering curriculum consists of fundamental physics, mathematics, and engineering courses.

In the first two years of mechanical engineering, students cover physics, chemistry, calculus I, II, and III. Furthermore, in the third year, students study more complicated subjects like mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, and fluid dynamics. Each of these subjects has its challenges and characteristics. For example, mechanics is a branch of physics that deals with force and its relation with matter. Conversely, kinematics only focuses on the motion of bodies without considering the effect of force on these bodies.

Likewise, thermodynamics is the study of all heat, energy, and matter. In the final year, students also study more complex engineering subjects such as CAM/CAD, manufacturing systems, and others.

In a mechanical engineering degree, you’ll study different subjects, from which some subjects help you solve real-world problems, whereas others help you understand complex concepts in depth. We believe that after reading this section you’ll know “how hard is mechanical engineering?”

What are the Biggest Challenges of Mechanical Engineering?

Undoubtedly, mechanical engineering is a challenging degree, but it is not a thing that is unattainable. As a student, when you do this difficult engineering degree, you’ll encounter many challenges like the complex nature of the course subjects, lack of proper guidance, absence of interest, and many more.

Moreover, the workload in the final year is frenzy. Many universities have fixed 25 hours weekly with the tutor. Students must also do self-study, group projects, and several assignments at a time. But these challenges can’t block your success journey because if others can do this task, there is no reason that you can’t.

One more thing that you must know before choosing a career as a mechanical engineer is that there are challenges in the worksite as well. But no need to panic. Here we have given a list of challenges with the best possible ways to combat them.

  • Getting the Right Qualification and Training

Proper qualification and training are crucial for any type of engineering; the same rule is applied to mechanical engineering. Many colleges offer B.Tech Mechanical Engineering programs which are great ways to enhance the knowledge of this field. You can explore tremendous opportunities to get these courses from any renowned college.

  • Safety on Work-sites

On the work-site, mechanical engineering is an operational field. Generally, mechanical engineers have to deal with heavy machinery that can be dangerous for them if not properly handled. Professional training is required to handle these operational equipment. Therefore, mechanical engineers must follow all precautions on the work site with their daily work.

  • Embracing New Technologies

No doubt, the mechanical engineering field is constantly evolving with the emergence of newer technologies. Automation and robotics are only one aspect of mechanical engineering, now various companies are using artificial intelligence to process their manufacturing industries. Hence, mechanical engineers need to get training at the very initial stage of their career to learn about newer technologies.

  • Developing Soft Skills

For a mechanical engineer, it is crucial to develop soft skills with technical skills too. Mechanical engineers have to work in various fields, working with different team members. Sometimes, mechanical engineers have to lead a team so it is essential to develop some soft skills like communication skills, management skills, leadership skills, and problem-solving skills to manage tasks professionally.

  • Keep up work-life balance

Mechanical engineers do a tough job with hectic routines. Usually, mechanical engineers have to complete tasks on short deadlines which leads to a crooked work-life balance. The imbalance creates unnecessary stress that affects their mental and physical well-being. So, mechanical engineers must set boundaries between their professional and personal lives. They should know when to switch off from their work and solely enjoy quality time with their family.

Which is the Hardest Year of Mechanical Engineering?

Hardest Year of Mechanical Engineering

An engineering degree usually consists of four years of college education. Generally, all four years of mechanical engineering are equally tricky as this is one of the most challenging degrees. But we can categorize its four years on course curriculum bases.

Students cover fundamental courses in the first two years, so these years are comparatively more straightforward. On the other hand, senior years are challenging as they are based on real-world applications. In junior years, students only learn complex concepts; in senior years, it is time to apply these concepts in the real world.

Additionally, you can choose specialized courses in senior year, but this year is not a piece of cake. This year, students have to do many assignments and group projects to demonstrate what they have learned in past years. So, it would help to concentrate on your specialization area throughout your junior years.

Is mechanical engineering harder than electrical engineering?

Electrical engineering is the most specialized field of engineering. It includes creating, maintaining, and operating systems that convert energy into electrical forms. That’s why electrical engineering is more complex than mechanical engineering. We can understand this by a simple example: a mechanical engineer can make an electric car. But still, to drive this car, the technology is being developed by an electrical engineer.

Can I be a Mechanical Engineer If I am Bad at Math?

For mechanical engineering, a strong mathematics background is essential. The reason is that several mathematics courses are included in this degree, like algebra, trigonometry, probability, functions, geometry, and many more. If you need to improve in mathematics, think before submitting an application form for mechanical engineering. Consider hiring a tutor if you have already been admitted to mechanical engineering with weak mathematics. Because if you can’t do mathematics well, you can’t do mechanical engineering.

Is Mechanical Engineering Stressful?

Mechanical engineering can be highly stressful as you have to spend a lot of time doing lab work, assignments, or studying challenging courses. Doing mechanical engineering demands hours spent studying, preparing for exams, and stressful lab work. These tasks need a significant amount of work, so mechanical engineering is difficult.

In this degree, you must learn new concepts, do complex tasks, and gather information with the constant pressure of getting good grades in exams. But as we said above, significant challenges bring great rewards.

Is Mechanical Engineering a Rewarding Career Choice?

Mechanical Engineering a Rewarding Career Choice

Yes, mechanical engineering is an excellent career to opt for. Studies show that mechanical engineers have the highest-paid jobs among all other engineering jobs. According to a survey, 89% of mechanical engineers have the highest job satisfaction.

From US News and World Report, Ilana Kowarski interviewed experts working in the field to learn how beneficial mechanical engineering is in the current market. She wrote, “Ëric Johnson, the director of innovation of Bright Machines, says that mechanical engineering was out-of-fashion for a long time due to an increased emphasis on other areas of engineering like software engineering and electrical engineering. But he suggests that it is now ‘cool again.”

A mechanical engineer can work in different industries and professions with high salaries and variable working hours. Moreover, mechanical engineering offers various jobs, such as industrial engineering, quality checking, product manufacturing, etc.

In addition, in today’s modern era, the scope of the mechanical engineering profession has increased; from electric cars to solar panels, mechanical engineering has become critical. That’s why we can say that if you want to be financially successful in the future, mechanical engineering is the best choice.

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Final Thought

Mechanical engineering is a good career choice with all of its challenges. You must spend hours in course learning, lab work, and exam preparation to earn this degree. If you want to excel professionally, you must swallow this bitter pill. We hope you find out the answer to your question “Is mechanical engineering hard or not?”


  1. Is mechanical engineering difficult?

Yes, mechanical engineering is complex. But with passion and hard work, you can easily achieve this degree.

  1. Does mechanical engineering require math?

Yes, a strong mathematics base for mechanical engineering is crucial, as, in this degree, you have to study many mathematics subjects.

  1. How many hours do mechanical engineers work?

Generally, mechanical engineers work for 8 hours a day in a full-time mechanical engineering role.

  1. Is mechanical engineering one of the hardest?

Every engineering degree is challenging, but mechanical engineering is not the hardest. According to a report, chemical engineering is the hardest.

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